Kieron Testart
Re-election campaign for Kam Lake


Experience. Commitment. Passion.


Kieron Testart was elected in 2015 to represent the riding of Kam Lake and now is running for a second term.

During the 18th Assembly he served as Chair of the Standing Committee on Government Operations, Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning and was a member of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment and the Special Committee on Transition Matters.

As Chair of the Standing Committee on Government Operations, he oversaw the review of the audit reports of the Auditor General of Canada of Government of the Northwest Territories departments and the annual review of the government’s public accounts, the detailed reports of the financial transactions of all government departments and agencies. He was an active member of several standing committees and worked with other MLAs to review legislation and advocate for issues that matter most to Northerners. Kieron discovered his passion for leadership and public service as a grassroots political activist and public servant in Yellowknife. He has worked as a Deputy Sheriff and Policy Analyst for the Government of the Northwest Territories and he served as President of the Northwest Territories Federal Liberal Association and a Member of the National Board of Directors of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2012 to 2014. 

Kieron is proud of his Canadian heritage, both English and French, and is a supporter of Francophone culture and language in the Northwest Territories, and he continues to support Canadian Parents for French as a volunteer and board member.

Kieron was born in Victoria, British Columbia, on March 22, 1985, and moved with his family to the Northwest Territories in 1992, living in Tuktoyaktuk and Yellowknife. After completing high school at École Sir John Franklin School in Yellowknife he attended the University of Lethbridge, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He continues to develop his education through professional development opportunities as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, receiving a Certificate in Parliamentary Governance from McGill University in 2017.

Kieron lives in Yellowknife with his wife, Colleen, and their son Corbin. He enjoys film, theatre and is a supporter of the local arts community, having previously performed in locally produced independent film and theatre.