Kieron Testart
Re-election campaign for Kam Lake

Promises Kept

Promises Kept.

In 2015 Kieron ran on a detailed platform and delivered real results for the residents of Kam Lake. He’s worked hard to keep his promises and is committed to continuing to work hard for you, the residents of Kam Lake, and the Northwest Territories.

  • Scrapped the controversial Conversation Areas Action Plan

  • $600,000 of additional funding to the NWT Mining Incentive Program

  • $400,000 for Housing First funding in Yellowknife

  • Developed a 10-Year Plan to grow Aurora College into a full polytechnic institution 

  • Improve the flexibility of Student Financial Assistance for Northern Students

  • Strengthened the review powers of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner 

  • Enhanced Access to Information Legislation

  • Worked to make all Committee hearings public, including the Territorial Leadership Committee that selects the Premier and Cabinet


  • Brought long-overdue arsenic testing to Kam Lake and other Yellowknife Lakes, including new signage to provide public safety information to residents and tourists through working with the Ministers of Health and Social Services and Environment and Natural Resources

  • Enhanced the NWT Child Benefit

  • Worked cooperatively with regular MLAs and Ministers to create the most progressive Access to Information and Protection of Privacy regime in Canada

  • Fought for taxpayer fairness by opposing the proposed Land Transfer Tax, Sugar Tax, YZF airport fees and the Land Lease fees, all cabinet sponsored tax increases that would have disproportionately affected residents of Yellowknife, adding to the already high cost of living

  • Fought for Northerner Workers by opposing austerity measures proposed by Cabinet that would have slashed the GNWT budget by $150 million and cost hundreds of jobs

  • Co-sponsored a motion to end the threat of a harmful public sector strike through calling for binding arbitration when talks between the GNWT & UNW stalled

  • Fought for Small Businesses by working with RJ Simpson to co-sponsor the Small Business Tax Relief Act that would have eliminated small business taxes in the NWT if not defeated by Cabinet at First Reading

  • Worked with Regular MLAs to get 9-1-1 service into the Mandate and delivered improvements to the final 911 plan through work on standing committee

  • As Chair of the Standing Committee on Government Operations, oversaw the performance audits of GNWT departments and the annual reports of government spending.

  • Held cabinet to account on their performance as decision makers on behalf of the people of the NWT.