I want the North to be a place where you can raise a family and save for your future. This is the great promise of living in our territory. Yet affordability has become an issue that we need to address.

Most Northerners are facing the single greatest increase in energy costs in our lifetimes. While we see our bills going up, salaries have remained stagnant. The Northern Residents Deduction is designed to tackle this, but it hasn’t changed in six years, while inflation has increased more than 10%.I stand with the many Northerners who advocate raising the Northern Residents Deduction by 50% and pegging future increases to inflation.

An affordable future also starts with pragmatic vision for infrastructure. The many communities and businesses of the NWT are asking to have better road and telecommunication connections. These would help lower the high costs of goods and services encumbering families across the territory, and increase opportunities for our businesses to grow and for our citizens to prosper.

Together, we can create a more affordable future for our North.