Knowledge Economy

I will prioritize policies that invest in the growth of the knowledge sector, an important driver of productivity and economic growth that will equip Northerners with the tools for the jobs of tomorrow.

  • A 10-year strategic plan to grow Aurora College into a full polytechnic so that Northerners can learn a trade without leaving the North, along with the benefits of a service economy in campus communities. This plan will include the construction of a new campus facility in Yellowknife with full accommodations for students and modern research and classroom technologies.
  • Create a Research and Development Tax Credit to encourage innovation and competitiveness in the private sector and make use of unique Northern research opportunities.
  • Amend legislation to allow funding for made-in-the-North academic institutions such as Dechinta University and Coll├Ęge Nordique.
  • New funding to support a skilled trades and entrepreneurship program
  • Improve the flexibility for Student Financial Assistance program policies to ensure that no Northern students are left out of necessary funding to support their continued education.