The unique challenges faced in the North need to be addressed by every level of government. The solutions also require contributions from community members to bring about lasting and positive improvements. I will work with other Northern leaders to develop a long-term vision for Northern Sovereignty that includes food security, affordable housing, infrastructure planning, and climate change solutions. A strong and secure North starts with investing in Northerners.

I know what it takes to build strong partnerships. As President of the Liberal Party of Canada in the NWT, I have proven experience bringing people and resources together in the NWT. I have made engagement with Northerners a priority for politics and together we have shaped the national policies of the Liberal Party of Canada and brought key Northern issues to Ottawa.

As your Liberal Candidate I will continue to work to bring Northerners together, listen to the issues that are important to you and put them on the national agenda. I believe we all have a role to play in Canada’s democracy.  As your representative, I will work hard to ensure your voice is always heard.