Our vibrant industries in tourism, culture, mining, oil and gas, and more, should ensure a future where all Northerners are given a good chance to participate in our economy and follow their career paths.

For so many, better training and educational opportunities are needed in today’s Northern economy. That’s why I believe investing in Northerners is investing in our economy. Opportunity comes from implementing skills training programs that work for us, not somewhere else in Canada. 

The strongest economy is a resilient economy that can stay ahead of the boom and bust cycle of the mining and oil and gas industries. The GDP of the NWT has been the slowest to recover of any province and territory in Canada since 2008, largely because of a downturn in these industries. I want to help new and existing businesses develop responsibly and sustainably by assisting the growth of our secondary industries and green economy.

It is vital to economic and social development that Indigenous communities be consulted, accommodated, and engaged so that we move forward together in a true partnership, ensuring equal opportunities. We all benefit when our government demonstrates trust, accountability and follow-through with its obligations. Settling outstanding land claims and self-government negotiations, and respecting existing treaty and Aboriginal rights, will help give Indigenous peoples control over their traditional land and culture, while also giving certainty and clarity to everyone.

Our government’s role is to ensure equality of opportunity, where everyone has the means to reach their potential.  I am committed to bringing sustainable opportunities to the North.