Standing Up for Kam Lake and All Our Communities

Investing in our communities is my number one priority. The businesses and residents of Kam Lake have been asking for support from our government and it is clear that more needs to be done for Kam Lakers who want to stay and work in the North. I’m proud to call Yellowknife home and I want to give our city the tools and resources it needs to be the best place to live in Canada’s North.

Kam Lake is a growing community and the cornerstone of our local economy. There is a need for new roads, public spaces, water and sewer infrastructure and recreational facilities. Despite these needs Yellowknife hasn’t been given its fair share of municipal funding. I will take action on this lack of quality infrastructure for Kam Lake and all our communities with a real plan for a better government.


I will invest $24 million in municipal infrastructure funding for all our communities over the next 4 years.  New infrastructure spending will create more opportunities for Northern businesses, create jobs and stimulate our local economies. Well-maintained transportation infrastructure will also lower our cost of living and open up the NWT to more opportunities for tourism and travel.

I will make legislative changes to give the City of Yellowknife more flexibility to manage taxation and administration, giving the city the tools it needs to grow the Kam Lake community and to resolve the unfair tax structure for Kam Lake property owners. I will also take an active role in working with the city and be at the table when decisions are being made that affect the lives and livelihoods of Kam Lake residents.

I will work with the federal government to build new affordable rental units to lower the cost of rent and expand rent subsidy programs to cover a higher income threshold to allow more renters to access funding to help save for their future. Also, I will provide funding for a $400,000 Housing First pilot program working with the private sector, non-government organizations and public agencies to end homelessness in the city of Yellowknife.

Paved roads, street lights, affordable housing, resilient water and sewer systems are the kind of investments Yellowknife and all our communities need to be a safe and vibrant community. We will have to invest in new and refurbished infrastructure in the future, why not invest today when it will benefit our economy and create jobs for Northerners?

I will fight hard for new funding and work in partnership with all levels of government to invest in stronger Northern communities.