This Election Is Important

This election is important. It is your opportunity to set the vision for the next government and decide on who will be your voice in the Legislative Assembly for the next four years.

It’s no secret that Northerners face many challenges in the future. Our cost of living continues to rise, jobs are being lost to the south and many of our residents are looking for better opportunities elsewhere in Canada. I want to bring a new vision to our government that makes investing in our communities its number one priority and that works hard to stay accountable to you.


I am proud to be a Northerner. We are an ambitious and optimistic people who face tough challenges head on and create opportunity for ourselves and our communities. We need a government that shares that same spirit, that is committed to investing in Yellowknife right away and that will work to get our economy back on track.

I’ve made listening to your concerns my number one priority and I have built a plan that works for you. I’ll represent Kam Lake with a new plan for our economy that invests in jobs, private sector growth and lowering our cost of living. I will also fight for a healthier and vibrant Yellowknife by taking action on homelessness and addictions, investing in municipal infrastructure and supporting education, arts and culture.

I am looking forward to meeting you over the coming weeks. I want to hear your story, understand your concerns and learn from your experience. I am focused on you and I know that working together is the only way that we can build a stronger democracy and a stronger economy.