Now is an exciting time for Northerners. The North is rich with cultural diversity, abundant natural resources, and a wonderful environment. The NWT is one of the world's most spectacular places to live and work. But as many opportunities we have in the North, we also face challenges: high cost of living, a lack of infrastructure, limited job opportunities, the effects of climate change, and chronic addiction and poverty issues.

I share Justin Trudeau’s vision for Canada, and like so many other Canadians I have been inspired by his message of hope and hard work. The NWT needs a strong voice that will advocate for solutions to these challenges and respond to the needs of Northerners. I love the NWT and I want to do my part in working to bring opportunity and prosperity to our communities. I know that by working hard, listening to residents, and working with other community leaders I will be the strong voice of leadership that Northerners deserve.