Week One

The first week of my campaign has been an amazing experience. I’ve knocked on 175 doors, taken 12,074 steps and heard your concerns for Kam Lake. My plan for a better government has been well received. Many voters have told me that my plan offers something Northerners have been asking for from our government and that it will take the NWT in the right direction. I’m encouraged by the strong support I have received in these early days of the campaign. It is clear to me that Kam Lake is ready for change.


I will represent Kam Lake with a commitment to be a strong voice for needs of your community and putting in hard work to ensure your voice is heard. I won’t rely on contacting you once every 4 years during an election. As your MLA, I will engage with you as much as possible through social media, phone calls, public meeting and knocking on your door. You deserve a representative who stays in touch and stays focused on your priorities.  

That is what my plan is all about. Taking action right away on what is most important to you. Previous governments have not moved forward on the longstanding concerns of Northerners. Our future outlook is concerning due to this lack of investment. We all need a government that is committed to investing in you by taking action on reducing the high cost of living, getting our economy back on track and creating new opportunities for Northerners. My plan gives you clear and concrete measures to consider and my plan will move the NWT forward.

But my platform and policies are only half of the story. The rest is up to you and what you want to see from our next government. I will continue to work hard and meet with residents of Kam Lake to learn exactly how I can best represent you as your next MLA.